Sparx Past Away

To All,
Sparx ( Bearded Dragon ) has past away on Tuesday 18th, 2014 over night. I only had him for 2 years.
Just letting everyone know now.
It will be hard to not have Bearded Dragon right now.
I’m not sure if I’ll continue this blog.
We’ll have to wait and see.
Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Break Off The Blog

To all,
I haven’t been able to keep updating the blog. I have been busy with my own baby I had on May 16, 2014. So, hope you enjoy the blog.
When I’m not to busy raising my own baby at home. I’ll keep you updated with photos, stories soon.
For now it’s going to have to wait.
Have a great day!

Feed Backs And Comments

I have realize that I’ve been getting way to many unknown comments and replies to my blog that is NOT relayed to Reptiles and Amphibians. I DON”T EXCEPT SPAM EMAILS!!!
If these comments are not relayed to Reptiles and Amphibians posts.
Please do not leave a comments.
I really don’t have the time to answer your questions.

( I rather not leave my email address on the post. It’s private to me. )

Thank You!


Cecelia Ericson Skinner

Bearded Dragons Behavior

What to watch for in Bearded Dragon Behavior.

1. Arm-waving - is the earliest sign of social behavior and can be seen within days of hatching. Sample: Please don’t hurt me.

2. Tail Curling - being upward toward the sky. Being alert for danger throughout the days.

3. Head-Bobbing or Head Jerking - lowering and fast raising of the head, performed in repetitive sets. Lifting the front of the body jerks upward. it’s head-Jerking more caused by male dragons. It’s means breeding and territorial mode and in courtship with females dragons to copulation.

4. Male-Male Encounters - This has always been a issue for all male and female dragons. If you put the same males and females in a aquarium together. They will fight to the death. I also seen this in female dragon too. Please keep in mind. Only have one male and one female together in the aquarium.

5. Tongue Tasting - This is very normal for all Bearded Dragons. They like to taste new food and objects that’s surround them in new places. I wouldn’t worry to much on this topic.


Bone Deficiency

When I see or hear this from other bearded dragon owners.

It makes me wonder a lot of questions to myself and others that are keeping bearded dragons as pets.

The real meaning is: Calcium Deficiency is more common to all reptiles and Amphibians as a pet.

It’s when the bones and muscle starts to get weaker,  no movement in the legs and body.

The only way to keep this from happening to your bearded dragons is to dust calcium on every crickets and worms that has been given to your dragon.

I use calcium powder on food, use these supplement too.

Here are these calcium idea  that will help your bearded dragon too.

( I use these for my baby Sparx – Bearded Dragon. Because he has Bone Deficiency.)

These are very important for all reptiles and amphibians!

Calium SupplementLiquid Calcium

Different Color Of Bearded Dragons

All Bearded Dragons are so amazing reptiles.

These different colors of breeds are awesome to see in photos and

up close & personal encounter.

Here are different types of color names that Bearded Dragons do come in at pet stores and breeders around the world that raises these amazing dragons.


Hypo – Translucent




Red / Gold -

Red / Gold Sandfire





Sandfire Yellow


Morph Color

Tiger Morph

Striped Hyerxanthic

Hypomelanistic line

Gold  Iris Morph Color

Sandfire novelty with Pink and purple highlights

Pastel Morph Inland Bearded Dragons


Sample of Photos of Colors Bearded Dragons below:


My Past pets I use to own

Sue & Spikey ( Bearded Dragons )

Sue & Spikey
( Bearded Dragons )

Sue & Spikey Bearded Dragons

Sue & Spikey
Bearded Dragons

Fredda ( African Clawed Frog )

( African Clawed Frog )

African Clawed Frogs are the most amazing amphibians to have as a pet, you can learn so much from these guys.  These African Clawed Frogs have flattened body and web-less toes and fingers. The color on them are black claws on many digits. Small and dorsally oriented lidness eyes; lateral line organs that look like lines of stitching. They usually live Eastern and Southern Africa. Not very often you will see these African Clawed Frogs in pet store. They more captive Bred by pet traders. The actual size for an adult is: 2.5  – 5 inches long, they’re life span is: 30+ years.

Setup is very simple for these guys. 10 – 40 gallon aquarium is the best for them to grow into.
I use medium size rock for the bottom and half tank of water. They don’t need a filter to keep the water running all day. I just use regular water and fake plant in the tank. They’re not much of a handler. They’re skin is very silky and easy to slip through your hands. Food is: wax worms, meal worms, Crickets and grubs ( If they’re not sprayed with insect powder. )
These are wonderful to enjoy watching everyday.

Johnny ( Great Plain Skink )

( Great Plain Skink )

I do love these Great Plain Skinks; they’re very different to other lizards and Skinks too.You would find these Skinks in the wild and never in pet stores. They’re more in the desert surrounding areas in North American through central and southwestern Arizona. Adult Great Plain Skinks are more clear pattern of light and dark spots on the back ; the scales are rows on the sides run diagonally to the back scales, unlike any other Skinks.

Juvenile are like bright blue tail that fade with age. The size of these guys are: 6.5 to 13 inches long and there more in moist area and desert grasslands, river and streams, ponds. You can find them here in New Mexico and Western Texas.

They’re very fast to catch and spot them.

Big Tommy Boy ( Great Plain Skink )

Big Tommy Boy
( Great Plain Skink )


Juvenile Bearded Dragons Setup

Since I have a juvenile bearded dragon…

I use a 10 gallon aquarium

Reptile carpet to make it fit the size of the tank

I have water dish, food dish and small log or a rock to climb onto.

small crickets are more their meal and favorite than mealworms.

Don’t over feed the them. Only give 2 small crickets. They will tell you when they don’t want anymore.

Mist bottle for two times a day. So it can get water.

Cleaning is very easy to do. Just take a tissue and take out the poop.

Have a heating lamp and day light lamp on a timer. It’s easy to not over heat the tank temperature.

Temperature gauge is very important to have when the heat lamp and day light lamp is to much for the bearded dragon.

This will help what the temperature really should be at for the bearded dragons closure.

The temperature for the bearded dragon should be at:  90 – 100 % degrees.

Just remember don’t go over 100 degree heat in the aquarium . It will kill the baby bearded dragon.

Dust the crickets with calcium powder.

This is how I do my baby bearded dragon setup.